A requirement of our drug and alcohol services funding contracts is to obtain accreditation for the standard for culturally secure practice.

At the end of 2018 , Yaandina’s drug & alcohol services took part in a dual audit to be accredited against two separate standards. The standards for therapeutic communities in a residential rehabilitation setting and the standard for culturally secure practice.

The services that were audited against these certifications were Turner River for both accreditations and the Sobering Up Centre & Detox Centre for The standards for Culturally Secure Practice. We would like to proudly advise that we were successful in achieving both certifications and are pleased to announce that our Drug and Alcohol services are now fully certified services not only against one set of standards but two.

Well done for all the hard work and effort put in by the staff and clients that were involved in getting to this fantastic outcome. We would like to thank the Team at WANADA who offered assistance
so we were able to achieve this great milestone.

CERT 1288 Yaandina SCSP 2019_2022

CERT 1288 Yaandina STCRRS 2019_2022